5 Simple Tips to Prevent Dry Hands Despite Washing Them Regularly

December 05, 2020 2 min read

For the past few months, washing our hands has become second nature and we might be doing it too often to the extent that it dries out our skin. Ironically, by over-washing our hands, we can develop dry cracks in the skin, giving bacteria an entry point into our body. If our hands could speak, they would have asked us to pamper them more. Here are few simple tips to prevent dry hands despite washing them regularly. 

1. Use warm water 

Sebum is our skin’s own natural oil that helps keep it waterproof and protected. Washing your hands in hot water does not make it cleaner and it only strips the skin. Warm water with soap is sufficient.

2. Choose your soap wisely

Look out for soap that contains ingredients such asglycerin and lanolin which moisturizes your skin. Besides, skin care experts suggested toavoid bar soaps as it naturally has a high PH that is required to hold the soap together which ends up causing a drying effect.

3. Be gentle during and after washing

We tend to wash our hands aggressively and rush through the process. Keep in mind to be more gentle as this can break down our skin. It is important to dry our hands after washing as germs are more easily picked up on wet hands. Lightly pat them dry instead of rubbing it to avoid further damage. Also, skip hand dryers as the hot air can have an irritating effect on your skin.
(Just saying, you don’t have to go through the hassle if you use Alcosm wipes *wink wink)

4. Make Hand cream your best friend 

Water might seem like the most harmless thing but it actually acts like a magnet and draws out existing moisture from the deeper layers of your skin. Carrying a hand cream with you and applying it after washing your hands would prevent your skin from feeling dry.

5. Treating your hands to a soothing mask 

Especially for those of you who suffer from dry or chapped hands, you may try a simple mask treatment which guarantees leaving your hands feeling soft and moisture the next day.
After soaking your hands in clean water for 5 minutes, apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream or Vaseline then slip your hands into a pair of cotton gloves. You may leave it on for a few hours or overnight. Just like a facial sheet mask, the gloves allow your skin to absorb and keep it moisturized.