At Alcosmā„¢, we believe that good hygiene is a critical component of quality life. With the rising significance of keeping our hands and surfaces clean, our primary focus is to protect people of all stages from hygiene related threats and risks. Thus, enhancing the quality of peopleā€™s lives.Ā 

Through extensive research with the industry and health experts, Alcosmā„¢ has obtained insights and developed deep understandings on wet wipes. As a brand specifically designed to keep you safe, we are dedicated to deliver the best solutions for your everyday needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to our product.Ā 

Sole Partnership of Asia's Largest Wipes Manufacturer

Alcosmā„¢ strives to deliver top quality products and understand the importance of finding the right manufacturing partner. Our obsession and passion in the product led to convincing the largest manufacturer in Asia (Hangzhou Guoguang Touring Commodity Co. Ltd) to work with us. With global clients including Kimberly-Clark, Walmart, Colgate and others, its massive expertise and experience in the industry has significantly helped to establish Alcosmā„¢.Ā 

Malaysia's No.1 Choice For Wipes