10 wipes (Bundle of 6) - 75% Alcohol Classic Wipes

For the people on-the-go, we have specially designed these pocket-friendly wipes for you!  Although small in packaging, these premium 75% alcohol wipes come with the same cleaning ability to effectively kill 99.9% bacteria and harmful germs and remove oil. Made with ultra soft & gentle spunlace nonwoven fabric, it is 40gsm thick, 2x more durable and 2x more moisture for your everyday cleaning. 

Upsize to Buy 11 Free 1 Bundle:

    • Proper hand cleaning habits in our daily life have never been more important. No matter if it’s to clean your hands or surfaces, these wipes are designed with your safety in mind. Our disinfectant alcohol wipes contain 75% alcohol which effectively kills 99.9% bacteria and harmful germs and removes oil. 

      75% Alcohol Wipes - Perfect for everyday cleaning

      ✅ Clean oily hands 
      ✅ Wipe down kitchen & remove oil stains
      ✅ Disinfect delivery parcels
      ✅ Sanitise mobile phones/laptops and other personal gadgets
      ✅ Wipe before you touch when you're outside  

    • Ingredient & Chemical Testing

      • FDA, NDC & EN1276 Tested

      • Wipes material: 40gsm Spunlace Non-Woven

      • Wipe size: 150mm x 200mm

      • Active ingredient: 75% ethyl alcohol to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria & remove oil

      • Inactive ingredient: Advanced 6-stage purified RO water

      • Fragrance: Fragrance-free

      • Expiry: Year 2023